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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summertime Peace of Mind – Swimming Pool Safety

     Homeowners with a swimming pool are faced with an important choice. They must decide on which pool fence to go with. Pool owners are required by law to install a pool fence in the majority of municipalities in the country.  Once the homeowner decides on a fence style, it is then time to decide on the safest option for keeping the pool area secure with a self-closing gate and safety latch. Each town may have different regulations concerning height, spacing and other variables regarding the specifications for a pool fence, gates and latch.  We offer a variety of options and styles of latches for every type of fence that will match or exceed your towns required standards.


      All swimming pool accidents are preventable. At Jan Fence, we are dedicated to assisting you in your efforts to keep you, your family, your friends and your neighbors safe with the variety of products we offer for your pool fence. The safety latch on your pool gate is a vital element to keeping your children out of harm’s way all year long. Other safety precautions should be taken aside from the latch.  Make sure that your pool gate is installed to open away from the pool, and never prop it open. Additionally, maintaining the hinges on your gate will help ensure that it will open and close smoothly and properly.
     At Jan Fence, your safety is very important to us. Our estimators would be happy to educate you on the standards for pool-code gates, latches and fences in order to keep you and your family safer during the beautiful summer months and for years to come.  Visit one of our showrooms to see our selections, or call today to schedule an estimate before the summer is over!

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